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Zigamazoo offers an exclusive line of original “Wearable Works of Art”, designed by award winning artist Marie Laforge.

Our pareos and scarves are all Original Designs printed on luxurious silk. They can be worn by anybody who wants to add a little originality and artistic flair to their wardrobe.

All of our pareos can be used as beach cover ups (tied around the waist or around the neck as a sensual beach dress) as well as beautiful accessories, wrapped around the shoulders as a scarf or tied around the waist to add a touch of color to any dress or skirt.

They are made out of 100% silk and the sheer, natural fiber sways beautifully with the motion's of the body. All garments are easily washable by hand (no soaking!) and air dried. And they are a great accompaniment to any trip as they take very little space.

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